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Yesterday while I had finished my dinner, I planned to go through some music before sleeping. I was looking for some new tracks so I started to find in my friend’s playlist which he shared me via an app. There I found a song name time is the enemy, I enjoyed that song and I liked that so much, so I started to search some more music of that band. Band’s name was something like Fifty Lions, so I was searching with the band name and coincidentally I found a link with same name but it was redirecting me on a casino site. There was a pokies slot machine which had same name like 50 Lions.

I agreed to play that event because I like to play online games. When I searched for that I came to know that it was the most played pokie machine out of all. Then I went through some reviews and explored more about some tips and tricks to win. When I was finished all that, I searched for some websites that could allow me to play free spins. There were many options in the search results in which some are providing best online pokies of australia with no deposit bonus, there is a large stock of casinos in australia and you can even try online because many casino clubs have been launched their online gaming sites and if you are playing online then you can have a good run for real money.

I found one and I started to register on that. When I done all that what was required before participating, I started to play that contest. It was an African adventure with some wild symbols like zebras, lions, giraffes and some wild flowers etc. Theme and graphics impressed me, all things in that event was so nice that’s why my mind was not in my control, it was forcing me to play on that machine. I played few chances for free and won most of them, so I decided to bet on that.

Soon I participated for bet. The minimum wager amount was just 0.01 dollar that’s why I was not hesitating to play on bet. Wager amount was increasing as per each win, it was not automatic, but actually I was increasing that. During the whole contest I rewarded once for bonus. Soon I quitted with that as I was getting to much late to be slept. It was an amazing experience which I’d like to share with you friends and I would really like to suggest you try this slot as it was an hair raising experience for me.