Before few days I was reading an article in newspaper that was based on the brutal killings of ISIS. I became so curious to know more about this militant group. I started to search about this on internet. I read few articles on that. And then coincidentally I found a link that redirecting me on a casino site. I was so surprised that how could a game named like that.

I was so excited to play that contest, so I searched about that pokie on the internet and found many of online casino sites which were allowing me to play. I selected the one on which I usually participate.

I was thinking that the contest which I was going to play will be based on that militant group, but I was wrong. Isis was the goddess of wealth, marriage and wisdom etc. I reviewed that game and explored some tips and tricks to win more in that event. When I had done reviewing, I went through this contest. It was a twenty five paylines video pokie with stunning graphics and cool symbols. It was full of features.

I wanted to play that contest for free because I was finding myself uncomfortable to understand that. I participated for free and played many chances, I lost my spins when I started that. But soon when I understood, I won many chances. It was good feelings to be won because it was not an easy to me.

Finally when I won many chances and found myself comfortable with that event, I thought for betting. I knew I was taking a risk but it didn’t able to make any effect on my passion.

The minimum wager amount was 0.01 dollar and the maximum amount was 0.25 dollar. It was so low wager amount but it had multipliers which could increase my prize value, so I bet for minimum on my first spin and I won that.

I played that game for a long time and I won many chances and collected enough money. It was a fantastic game and I really love to suggest you to play that contest, it will definitely give you some terrific experience.