This article is the companion article for “Earn cashback when you place a bet that is guaranteed to win money” – It’s the icing on top! “This article covered how to increase your winnings with cashback sites. Now we will discuss how to make sure you win cash-free by taking advantage of free online betting offers offered by bookies.

Sign up to an online bookie and deposit money. Then you place a bet with them for odds greater than 2.0. After the bet has been settled, you will be eligible for a free bet.

These steps will not guarantee you free money. Another component must be included. Based on betting exchanges.

Betting platforms are an alternative to online gambling. An example would be for one soccer club to defeat another.

The betting exchange could have two bettors, Peter and Paul. They would each place a wager on a soccer team. Paul would wager against team B defeating team A. This would split the money between them. This is similar to placing a bet against a bookie. However, Paul would instead bet against the winning team and take over the bookie’s role.

Laying refers to placing bets on an event against it. For example, team A would win the previous example. There are many options. For each event, we will need to place at least two bets. You can place one bet with an online betting site and one with a betting exchange.

Let’s say that Paul has just discovered matched betting. However, once he settles the qualifying bet, he finds that he must make a wager with his own money.

He may find a football match with odds of A winning and 3.0 for A to lose.

This sounds like a bad start. However, Paul just lost his cash and I assured him that this was a way to win without any risk.

We are now eligible to receive the free bet. Paul’s next wager is likely to produce a better result.

He places a bet on player A winning against player B at odds 5.0 at bookies. He figures that he will need to lay PS20.20 at an exchange to win the same amount regardless of what the outcome is.

He now has PS19.19. Now we can take out the PS1.64 Paul won during qualifying for free bets and make a PS17.55 profit

Paul was extremely happy with the PS17.55 he won. This is especially considering that he had already earned PS10 before placing the bet.

He was a frequent cashback site user and knew they offered money for clicking links from other sites. So he also earned another PS10.

Paul won PS27.55 by placing two non-risky bets. Paul enjoyed the thrill of winning money, so he used this technique often.

You can, you can!