Although there are many wonderful words and sentences to describe love, I want to say that it is just like gambling simply. You can’t win every time you gamble, no matter how skilled you are. Even if you have the best gambling tips or bingo guides, there is still a chance that you’ll lose. So does love.

Love isn’t always easy, as we all know. It’s about two people with different backgrounds and different lives. It can be difficult to let someone else have control of your life. Even if they’ve been married for many years, many couples may not be able to adapt to their spouse’s habits at times. After falling in love, many spouses will have a hard time adjusting to each other’s lifestyle.

One of my college friends posted some photos to QQ today. These are the wedding photos of her ex-boyfriend. The bride is not him, but he is getting married. That moment makes me feel so hurt for her, him and myself. Sometimes love can be fragile. Love is also fragile as time flies.

I was once promised by someone that he would love me always and take care of my needs throughout my life. Everything has changed over time. While the person has vanished, the promise still echoes in my ears. We have not abandoned one another, but we lost each other forever. Perhaps, just like in gambling, you can succeed even if you don’t have any strategies or guides. You might even meet your Waterloo, even if you were once a great gambler.