You can find thousands of websites related to online slot machines on the internet. This makes it difficult to understand how this madness began. Gambling has existed for almost all of history, with most of its roots in China. Although it isn’t clear where certain games of chance originated, the one-armed bandits are a very common example.

American history is where online slots have their roots. Charles Fey, a man from San Francisco, California, created the first version of this game. Then, as it is today, the game was started with three wheels. Each wheel contained 10 symbols.

The highest jackpots were won with matches of three bells. This machine became known as the “Bell” Machine. A lever was located on the side of the machine, which was used for turning the three wheels. This is where we see the origins of the nickname “one-armed bandits”.

Things started to change in 1910 with the widespread “Bell” machine. Herbert Mills, a man named Fey, joined Fey. The fruit symbols we still use today were created by this teaming. These machines were made in large numbers and weighed more than 100 pounds each.

What is the secret to the rise of internet slots? Simplicity is one reason. The machines were first used by casinos as distractions for their wives and girlfriends, while the “real” players played on the tables. The game was very easy and still is.

The convenience of playing online makes it even more attractive for many people. The simple gambler can now enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle by not dealing with traffic, parking, crowds, or noise.

Did You Know?

The first coin-operated devices with large revolving wheels were invented in the late 1800s. They were broken into different colored segments. The player could place a bet on the color of the wheel’s stop. These were precursors to today’s slot machines.

Are internet slots as reliable and trustworthy as traditional machines? Although caution is advised, you can bet they are. The RNG is the basis of most online slots. The RNG, as the name suggests, is used to randomly choose which symbols will appear on each simulated wheel’s face.

One-click wonders have made it possible for online one-armed bandits to convert to the internet. They seem as if they are here to stay. There are almost limitless options for online slots.

It is easy to find out the payback percentages on most quality sites. It is possible to find online slot machines that are both visually appealing and audibly engaging and those that are enjoyable.

Charles Fey is a man we owe a lot of thanks. Without him, all these amazing websites wouldn’t have been possible. It is also certain that casinos wouldn’t have been as successful without this amazing machine. Finally, many people wouldn’t have the joy of shouting “Jackpot!” from their comfortable chairs without him.