Before two days when I was giving training to Ricky (my pet name), my mom scolded me to buy some food from market. So I went to the market and bought some food from a shop and came back to home. When I opened Ricky’s food, I came to know that there was a voucher code inside that which was offering for some free dog shows and pet training in club somewhere in Perth.

Soon code was revealed and I came to know that I won some free spins of an online casino slot machine. That contest was totally based on a pet’s life. Name of this slot was “K9 Capers”.

I was excited to play that contest so I went to the webpage which is already given on the voucher. But before participating I wanted to go through reviews and rules for this event. So I started to reviewing it through multiple websites, I found it very good so I was going to play that.

Soon I had registered myself on the given website and started to play. It included five reels and thirty paylines. It contained some wild symbols and multiplier etc. It was full of many features like jackpot etc.

I played few spins for free and won many of them. My pet was encouraging me. I thought why I should not bet on that contest if I am good at it. After a long discussion to myself I agreed to play on bet.

I went with minimum wager amount which was 0.01 dollar, because I didn’t want to take any kind of risk. I lost my first spin. It was heartbreaking spin because I just started to bet on that so I decided to quite that event. But I noticed that my pet was forcing to play that contest, so I changed my plan to quit. I kept myself continued.

When I played second chance I won that and that’s what I needed because it was increasing my confidence level. After that I won many of chances and collected a large amount of money. Soon I quilted that contest. I enjoyed that moments while I was playing so I would really love to suggest you to participate in this event.